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You have chanced upon a legendary skill book.
This book contains the secrets to managing any stress that is preventing you from winning competitions.

After reading this booklet you will have a better understanding of what stress is and how it can affect your performance. You will learn how conventional athletes manage their levels of stress to perform better during competitions. This will allow you to become a better, stronger and more stable player the next time you enter a competition.

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My name is Mikhail German and I am an applied psychologist specialized in eSport- and sports psychology. I have studied E-athletes and coach players and teams. Last but definitely not least I am an active gamer and athlete. I offer coaching, individual and group training and on-site support. I always go to my clients so there is no need for the players or teams to travel to me, and I offer skype and telephone counseling.

Mikhail German

Mikhail German

Some people think hiring a consulting psychologist is expensive or reserved for only the best players and teams, but it can be quite affordable. Feel free to call with any questions or to set up a first (free) consultation. 

The career of an E-athlete lasts about seven to ten years. In those ten years the player needs to learn how to deal with loss, hold his focus during competitions and other mental skills. If a psychologist can help accelerate the learning curve that would be very valuable to the player. This is because the player will be able to perform at his best sooner in his career, saving him a lot of time and effort in figuring these things out on his own. Sometimes players give up on their career after losing a few games in high ranking tournaments. They do not understand that the losses are temporary and this is one of the biggest challenges E-athletes face.


Starcraft 2 player for AT-gaming

What’s the point?

The main result is that you as a player or as a team will be able to consistently perform at a higher level. The way this is achieved will be different for every situation but to give you an idea here are a few examples of how a psychologist can help you or your team:


  • Prevent burnouts from playing too many games
  • Help players cope with negative feedback from the gaming community
  • Decrease or completely eliminate any unwanted trolling, tilting, raging or any other form of disruptive behavior or communication within
  • A team – without making it too serious and taking away the fun
  • Help resolve team arguments and discussion
  • Keep motivation high, even during difficult periods
  • Teach players mental skills that will help them to focus during matches and play with more confidence and a positive attitude
  • Teach players techniques on how to use psychological gambits to put pressure on opponents

Available now:
Media training: Techniques and principles that players and representatives can use to come across they want to in interviews and public appearances. 

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Please keep in mind that there are only a limited number of teams/players that can use these services. So do not hesitate to call with any questions, comments, tips or compliments. Especially compliments.
Phone: 00 31 (0) 6 144 53 441